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Nov. 30, 2022

“There’s one statistic I came across that suggested that 90% of people think they're more objective than average. And I wouldn't you know, I put myself in that category.” (With Jessica Nordell, author of The End of Bias)

So you’re thinking about your place in larger political systems and wondering how your own biases are showing up in your work. What do you do?

For Jessica Nordell, a journalist who has extensively covered the fallout of our political and social biases, the answer was the dig into how they’re formed, how they impact our lives, and how we can change our minds and the minds of others. Her book, The End of Bias, forced her to confront not only our larger cultural biases, but her personal biases as well. She delivers into the research regarding how to make change by starting with the very thing that prompts us to try: our minds.

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